Theology and Mission

Mission Back

Local mission

  • It is a mission which a purpose to expand the kingdom of God in Ethiopia with the collaboration of evangelical churches through different method like, training, discipleship, spiritual conference and capacity building.

International mission

  • It is the mission conducted outside the nation or nationality territory through the motto of << Mission back>> to fulfil the great commandment. Matt 28:19 collaborating with church missions, Christian institution and individual.
Pastoral care and Counselling

It is the service that will be perform to the staff and their families counselling services concludes all station beneficiaries in the organization giving emotional, psychological, social support to both pastoral care and counselling ensures all states their families and beneficiaries are cared for wellbeing to be productive and walk their wish.

Research and Studies

It is closely linked with all projects to big using scientific method to improve and develop the work. Through researches, case studies and related activities.

IGSM (International Graduate School of Ministries)

It is ministerial schools which empower and equip the staffs for best and contemporary services. In different specialization theology, leadership and management.
The school is stationed in United state of America and functions in different contents.

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